Star Fortress Project

Star Fortress Project

Субота, 1 січня 2011 г.
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The Star Fortress Project was founded in 2008.

Our aims are to encourage the development of Ukrainian science fiction and fantasy, form closer ties between genre authors, create an artistic environment for new names to appear and ideas to thrive.

Project Activities

Online Writing Contest

General Information

The writing contest takes place twice a year. The winter/spring session starts in mid-January, the autumn session on September 1.

We accept stories in all subgenres, such as science fiction (hard and soft), fantasy, mystical fiction, horror, magical realism, surrealism, cyberpunk, steampunk, etc.

The contest is based on peer voting. After a topic is announced, participants write stories to be read after the submission period is over. Each participant has to read their counterparts’ stories and vote for them.

Though the peer-voting system does not claim to be totally objective, our experience shows that it has certain advantages. Unlike authoritarian competitions (where winners are determined by a professional board), a peer-voted contest is more democratic, with all the up and downsides of democracy. Thus, peer voting is less dependent on subjective factors due to large numbers of the voters. Another positive feature is that by assessing others’ work, the author can learn to see his or her own errors.

The contest is anonymous, the authors’ names are disclosed only after the contest ends. This ensures that personal sympathies or antipathies are not relevant, and the texts can be evaluated on their own merit.

Another important factor is that only participants are allowed to vote. Relatives, friends and Internet pals do not affect the results.

The size of the stories is set when each new contest is announced.

More Advantages


Star Fortress unites people who are well aware of what SF&F is. Taking part in the contest means meeting new people, exchanging experiences and critically evaluating others’ writing, which gives authors a more professional view of their own creative pursuits.

Prizes and Souvenirs

Winners are awarded honorary diplomas and the Winner T-shirt with their names. Moreover, some contests have additional prizes courtesy of our partners.


Winners (the first but not the only choice) and other participants can see their stories in print, i.e. in magazines and story collections.

Stories from our contest have been published in such literary magazines as The Ukrainian Fantastics Observer, The Reality of SF&F, The Dnipro (more about this in Publications).

Master Classes

Since 2010, the Star Fortress Project has organised a creative workshop in master class format. After the democratic voting, the organisers and/or an invited Master choose several stories (5-8), and the Master discusses them at a live meeting with master class participants.

In 2010-11, there were three master classes by Maria Galina (twice) and strongowski.

The News

Our dedicated site regularly publishes news from the world of SF&F, as well as OLDNEWS, the Ukrainian SF&F Bulletin (compiled by D.Gromov and O.Ladyzhensky).